Everything You Need to Know About Body Odor

Do you think you will not be able to pass the sniff test? If yes then here is what you need to do.

We all sweat and thus we all develop body odor. Body odor can be your personal identification to those who surround you each day and, which can be a bad thing for your personality. It can make any situation weird and unpleasant for you and for others too. People may want to stay away from you. Therefore, to avoid such unwanted and unpleasant condition, all you need is to be aware of the sweat triggers and the proper way of dealing with those triggers at the same time.

Following are some reasons for the formation of body odor and suggestions to stop it:

Hair can enhance the odor.

Apocrine glands can are present in your armpits, scalp, and groin region. These are the areas of your body causing a fuss. Anyhow, these regions are not mainly responsible for sweating and subsequent bad odor. In fact, the actual wrongdoer is the bacteria, which splits the molecules of fat in sweat from apocrine glands, stimulating a “distinct” odor. The large amount of hair provides bacteria with a bigger surface to cling on, guaranteeing the odor does not waste its pithiness.

Deodorant is actually your most powerful line of defense.

For the effective treatment of your smelly pits, apply a deodorant stick there. But focus more on the type of fragrance you purchased. Deodorants are not meant to stop sweating and merely act as a hiding agent of the odor of bacteria. On the flip side, Antiperspirants consists of aluminum chloride that works to reduce sweating. They are more likely to comprise of a refreshing agent also. If you do not find it useful, consult your doctor to prescribe you a suitable antiperspirant.

Medical treatments can help, too.

For some of the people, if the available fragrant or body odor masking agents are not sufficient, the considerable way is to approach a dermatologist for having injections of Botox. This is a certified procedure by the FDA for the prevention of sweating, but it is temporary. You will need those injections within after three months or so.

What you eat can affect your smell.

It is believed that you certainly are what you consume. Food shaving Sharp -smell, such as garlic or onions, are definitive stimulators of body odor. Foods that are too hot or peppery, popular to stimulate sweating, may also tend to cause body odor.

Don’t forget to change stinky clothes.

If you are full of sweat, then you need to change your garments to reduce body odor. It takes in socks, particularly if you are more likely to develop foot odor. Change insoles, use a deodorant containing powder, or move shoeless to prevent smelly feet.

Stressed? You may be sweatier than usual.

The process of sweat formation can be enhanced due to stress, thus causing to extra body odor. Take an antiperspirant with you whenever you are in stressful state examples of which include a job interview, any important exam or so.