Four Exercise Myths That Never Seem To Go Away


Exercising and body fitness in itself is a big industry these days. You will find plenty of trainers and even more gyms. There is tons of information available online and with people regarding the general fitness of your body and how to ultimately achieve your body goals. With all that information, there are like a lot of myths about exercises that are forever continuing and never going away. This article is going to talk about few of those myths.

#1 No pain, no gain

It may be true to some extent that as long as you don’t push yourself to the limit, you will not achieve a certain goal. But this does not mean that all best exercises and workout sessions are sure to leave you in a bad state and all in sweat. The idea that exercises should give you pain is extremely wrong because that only means you are at a risk of getting an injury. It is good that your exercises should be the challenging pain, but if they are giving you pain for more than one day, then you should probably think about ending it.

#2 Soreness after exercise is caused by lactic acid building up

People usually believe that when we are done exercising the soreness is caused by lactic acid which gets build in the muscles. This is false because any lactic acid that is built while exercising is immediately cleared when you finish, which means it clears long before the soreness starts. The soreness is actually caused by the tears in your muscles that occur. When muscles get damaged, the tears are produced. And this muscle damage is significant because it eventually leads to them getting bigger and stronger. Doctors say that if you want to avoid that soreness, it is better that you start with extremely light workouts to make your body used to the routine.

#3 Exercise is no good if you can’t do it for hours every day

People think that to get fit, and it is important they show up at the gym every day and continue their workout session for hours. A study was conducted for this myth which basically showed that timings don’t matter, even if you spend 20 minutes but with full focus and determination then even that will be enough. So, just because you cannot show up the next day doesn’t mean that you don’t go for a walk today, every minute will make a difference. Avail every chance and give in your best.

#4 You always need a sports drink while exercising

Most of the people who join the gym, the next thing they do is get their protein because they believe their efforts will not give results if they don’t back it up with an energetic drink. This may be the case for people who do the heavy lifting and intense workouts, but for people who are doing light workouts for them, water will be enough as well.  However, if you are aiming to lose weight, that drink will probably do nothing than just offsetting the calories. Therefore, a protein drink is never a must.