Include High Protein Fruits In Your Diet

Although fruits are not considered generally a source of protein, however, a lot of fruits have protein in them. Protein through fruits serves as a good addition to your diet so you can add fruits to a varied diet.

Fruits are a major component of the diet menu as they provide high amount of essential vitamins, fiber,  phytonutrients, minerals,  and protein. Consuming fruits give the benefits of improved digestion and bone health, lowers the blood pressure and, provides protection against some cancers. Additionally, the benefits of fruits also include a lessened risk of having heart disease, diabetes of type 2  or obesity.
Let us discuss some of the fruits that have a higher amount of protein:
Dried Apricots
Among fruits as a protein source, one having a higher amount of protein is dried apricots. In a ½ cup serving of it, 3 grams of proteins are present along with 15% of daily vitamin A, 21% of the iron needed each day and 31% of an average person’s daily potassium requirements. One of the problems is that people usually overeat dried apricots due to the lack of water and density of apricots. The lack of water does not affect nutrients present in it, but it makes the fruit less fulfilling. Fresh apricot halves taken in half cup have 37 calories while a cup of dried apricots has 190 calories. You should consume the fruit in correct serving size. Also fruits like bananas, dried peaches, prunes, currants and litchis are protein-rich fruits.
Guavas are one of the flavorful fruit that provides 4g of protein in one cup of fresh serving.  If you are one of those who have never had guava before then you should try it for a flavorful and delightful treat to your taste buds. One of the most common guavas is with greenish-yellow skin while the inside is either pink or white.  There are small crispy seeds present inside that are easy to eat, or you can spit them out. It has nutritious skin that is edible but a little less flavorful than the inside.  While choosing the guavas, you should choose the ripe ones that are firm from outside but are a little soft when touched.
One fresh serving of guavas contains  9 grams of fiber with 112 calories and 628% of the daily requirements of vitamin C of an average person.
Avocados are commonly added as a savory flavor to meals, and botanically they are considered as fruits. Avocados, which are categorized as a large berry containing a single-seed contains mono unsaturated fats like Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, so it is a good fruit for strict vegetarians who want to get omega 3 and omega 6 from plants in their menu. A single avocado of medium size has about 365 calories, with 88% of vitamin C requirements of a person daily, has 17g of fiber, and 7g of protein. It is the best protein source as 129 is the score of an amino acid of one avocado. Except for hydroxyproline, it contains all other vital amino acids one needs to have.
Other fruits that have proteins are custard apples, kumquats, passion fruits, and jackfruit!